January 5, 2016
Dear Delegate:

On behalf of the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) and our approximately 1,000 member companies and organizations, we would like to wish you a productive and successful 2016 legislative session. Please find NVTC’s 2016 Legislative Agenda enclosed with this letter.

NVTC is a strong advocate for policies and investments that drive competitiveness and economic strength, grow our technology work force, and provide the infrastructure necessary to power the technology and innovation ecosystem. Specific priorities outlined in the agenda include:

  • Focused investment in sectors and areas where Virginia has existing strength and the most opportunity to compete globally, including:
    • Extending the sunset on Virginia’s data center sales tax incentives to ensure Virginia remains a competitive global destination for data center investment and jobs.
    • Adopting the workforce and education recommendations forwarded by the Virginia Cyber Security Commission including a Scholarships for Service tuition program, a new cyber apprenticeship program and funding to increase the number of Virginia colleges and universities certified as Centers for Academic Excellence.
    • Initiating startup funding to launch a statewide big data analytics initiative where businesses, government and higher education can collaboratively drive workforce education and internship programs, research initiatives and commercialization.
    • Providing tageted investents in life sciences and personalized medicine by launching the Global Genomics and Bioinformatics Research Institute at the new Inova Center for Personalized Health to leverage Virginia's life sciences and health assets, the data analytics and cyber capabilities of our technology sector, and the strengths of our universities.
    • Funding incentive packages to attract high performing university researchers with success in commercializing their research in cybersecurity, bioscience and personalized medicine, data analytics and other key areas of focus and creating centers of excellence where researchers can collaborate and receive support in commercializing their research.
  • Growing the CIT GAP Funds program to promote investment in early-stage tech businesses.
  • Strengthening Virginia’s refundable R&D tax credit for small, innovative technology businesses while launching a new, alternative R&D tax credit to encourage larger businesses to increase their research investment in Virginia.
  • Boosting funding for Virginia’s Angel Investor Tax Credit to further grow and diversify Virginia's technology economy by encouraging entrepreneurs to locate their businesses in Virginia and by bringing more capital to tech, biotech, and energy startups across the Commonwealth.
  • Supporting a new research-focused bond package that strengthens research and workforce development in high-de and fields at Virginia’s institutions of higher education.
  • Supporting the GO Virginia initiative to provide state funding and incentives to Northern Virginia and other regions that are able to foster more regional collaboration among business, education and government to promote private sector growth and job creation.
  • Supporting the Virginia Community College Systems' Workforce Credentials Initiative to provide an additional 10,500 business-driven credentials in high demand fields, including cyber security and data analytics, by 2018.
NVTC maintains a full-time presence in Richmond during the General Assembly session. If there is anything we can do to help you this session or any feedback we can provide, please feel free to contact NVTC Vice President of Policy Josh Levi, NVTC Public Policy Manager Troy Murphy or Myles Louria of Hunton Williams. Their contact information is attached.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of NVTC's 2016 legislative priorities. We look forward to working with you this session and hope we can count on your support. Sincerely,

Bobbie Kilberg
President & CEO

We urge you to support the objectives and priorities of our 2016 Legislative Agenda.