Appian and Qlarion recognized with a Commending Resolution from the General Assembly

Qlarion and Appian recognized with a Commending Resolution from the General Assembly as an example of businesses that have gone above and beyond or done something truly innovative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Appian Commending Resolution can be found here.
Qlarion Commending Resolution can be found here.

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Appian is a software company based in McLean, VA. Appian was the top-performing software IPO of 2017, and was recently named the #1 place to work in the Washington area, by the Washington Post.

Appian builds a software platform on which new applications can be rapidly written (a "low-code" platform). In response to COVID-19, Appian quickly created several applications to help companies and institutions through the crisis.

Appian wrote and distributed (sometimes at no charge) three essential applications during the pandemic. These include Appian COVID-19 Response Management, Appian Workforce Safety, and Appian CampusPass™. The first was a free application, downloaded by more than 500 companies to monitor the health of their employees. The second and third enable large enterprises and higher education institutions to intelligently manage the complexities of safely returning the workforce or academic community on-site. These solutions centralize and automate COVID-19-related data collection and processing, daily health status validation, isolation protocols, testing, and more. All three solutions are HIPAA-compliant and HiTRUST-certified to maintain the privacy and security of personal health information.

Many large organizations relied upon Appian's technology in this crisis, including a top-10 healthcare provider, a top-10 sportswear manufacturer, a top-10 educational institution, and the British National Health Service (NHS).

Qlarion’s Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT)

“The ability to share and analyze data is crucial in any emergency response process. When COVID-19 struck, Virginia was uniquely prepared to undertake a data-driven response and better protect its citizens during the pandemic because it already had a data sharing platform in place – the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT).

Virginia has effectively expanded its data-sharing platform to gain statewide visibility on virus and resource availability. FAACT originally launched in 2019 to help Virginia communities confront the opioid epidemic; and now, Virginia is using this repeatable framework to combat COVID-19.

The expansion of FAACT, the corresponding Commonwealth Data Trust, and its data sharing and analytics capabilities, unites information from sources across the Commonwealth to provide decision makers with the insight needed to address COVID-19.

Virginia’s leaders can make critical response decisions based on real-time data within FAACT. As a result, the Commonwealth is able to quickly identify:

  • Hospitals that are in need of supplies and pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals and regions that have surge capacity (i.e. available hospital beds and ventilators or the ability to quickly stand up an overflow hospital)
  • Locations with the largest occurrences of COVID-19 cases”