Senator Tim Kaine Highlights Legislative Priorities During NVTC Board Discussion

June 18, 2018 — Senator Tim Kaine joined the NVTC Board of Directors on June 18 at PenFed Credit Union in McLean for an update on key policy issues and his legislative priority areas.

Sen. Kaine opened with a discussion on national security imperatives. He identified Veteran and military spouse unemployment as a pressing issue, calling for increased public and private sector engagement in reducing unemployment among these highly-skilled groups. He also discussed the need for security clearance process reform.

Sen. Kaine went on to share his perspectives on the federal budget, national debt and deficit. He provided updates on federal healthcare and education initiatives, including potential improvements to the Affordable Care Act and the Higher Education Act. He highlighted the role innovation and technology can play in combatting addiction, a national health issue.

Sen. Kaine underscored the significance of engaging students in technology, science and health career pathways earlier, especially in middle school. He stressed how apprenticeship programs and enhanced technical and career curriculum will be transformative in developing the future workforce. Sen. Kaine led a group of senators in introducing the CTE Excellence and Equity Act, an amended version of the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act that supports high school curriculum relevant to the 21st century workforce and increases partnerships among schools, the private sector and higher education institutions. Sen. Kaine’s recent co-sponsored legislation, the Apprenticeship and Jobs Training Act of 2017, aims to increase the number of workers trained through registered apprenticeship programs and provides incentives for participating companies and schools that engage in apprenticeships.

Sen. Kaine closed his remarks on the topic of immigration, emphasizing how the engine of innovation in the U.S. is being fueled by immigrants and their rich talent and ideas. He called for visa reform and immigration policies that support that flow of talent and skills. Sen. Kaine strongly denounced the separation of children from their parents and families at the border and reaffirmed his belief in family unification.

During a question and answer session, Sen. Kaine spoke to questions around immigration, trade and the national debt. He further accentuated the need for apprenticeship programs and teacher training in technical education. He also called for increased support for community colleges focused on skills development and credentialing in high demand career pathways.

Senator Tim Kaine addressed the NVTC Board on June 18.