Representatives Don Beyer and Barbara Comstock Address NVTC Board

Representatives Don Beyer (VA-D-8) and Barbara Comstock (VA-R-10) joined the NVTC Board of Directors on May 8 at PenFed Credit Union for a conversation on a wide range of current issues before Congress. The discussion was facilitated by Inova Center for Personalized Health CEO and NVTC Chair Emeritus Todd Stottlemyer.

Reps. Beyer and Comstock kicked off the conversation by providing updates on federal funding and reforms for Metro and their recent experiences on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Reps. Beyer and Comstock both emphasized the importance of expanded funding and tax incentives for R&D to fuel innovation across technology, national security, healthcare and the environment.

Reps. Beyer and Comstock shared how they both are working to ensure Virginia’s innovation economy is vibrant and that there is a highly-skilled tech talent pipeline to support it. Critical to this is increased funding for STEM education and engaging students earlier in STEM fields. Both stressed the need for collaboration among the academic, public and private sectors in fueling new tech apprenticeship opportunities so students can gain real life experience. They shared how collaboration within Congress is also vital, noting that the entire Virginia delegation meets once a month for lunch and is the only delegation to do so. Reps. Beyer and Comstock also emphasized how expanding broadband access in Virginia and H1B visa reform will be essential in increasing the tech talent pool.

Reps. Beyer and Comstock gave their perspectives on the national debt and deficit. Both highlighted how disruption and innovation could impact the deficit. In particular, both Beyer and Comstock identified areas where technology has the opportunity to transform healthcare, helping to improve outcomes and reduce costs for conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and obesity that have a debilitating impact on the national economy.

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and Congressman Don Beyer addressed the NVTC Board on May 8.