NVTC Urges Immediate End to Federal Government Shutdown in Letter to Virginia Congressional Delegation

On January 22, before the Senate voted to renew funding and end the shutdown, NVTC sent a letter to members of the Virginia congressional delegation urging an immediate end to the federal government shutdown.

View the letter here or below.

January 22, 2018

Virginia Congressional Delegation
U.S. Congress
Washington, D.C.

Dear Members of the Virginia Congressional Delegation:

On behalf of Northern Virginia’s technology community, we are writing to urge the members of Virginia’s Congressional Delegation to immediately support an agreement to quickly reopen the federal government. An unfunded, dormant federal government represents the height of dysfunction in Washington. In the short term, this federal government shutdown will impair our country’s ability to pursue and achieve its national priorities. In the longer term, it reinforces and perpetuates the harm and uncertainty caused by continuing resolutions, sequestration and other capricious actions under which federal agencies and their employees, government contractors and their employees, state and local governments, colleges and universities, businesses and every other person in this country has had to live and work.

As you know, the impact of a federal shutdown is especially devastating to Virginia’s economy. The 2017 State of the Commonwealth report released by Old Dominion University in November indicates the federal government accounts for almost 30 percent of Virginia’s GDP. In fact, the report states that, in FY15, Virginia was first among states in annual federal spending per capita, annual per capita spending on federal contracts, and annual per capita defense spending. While pundits argue over which political party will bear the most blame for the federal shutdown, we know that Virginia will bear the highest cost given the disproportionate harm that will be inflicted on Virginia businesses and workers through inaction. Federal employees will not be paid during the shutdown. The employees of government contractors also will not be paid and, in contrast to their federal employee colleagues, they will not be reimbursed with back pay.

We urge you and your colleagues to quickly end the government shutdown and provide the funding necessary to support our national priorities, our military and defense, our civilian agencies and our private sector businesses that support their missions, in Virginia and across the nation. Our leaders must begin to provide the stability and predictability that is so critical to supporting Virginia’s economy, our technology businesses and our government and private sector workforce. The immediate reopening of the federal government is an essential and crucial first step.


Richard Montoni
Northern Virginia Technology Council

Bobbie Kilberg
President and CEO
Northern Virginia Technology Council