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Can Big Data using sentiment analysis predict your behavior in future life circumstances?   If so, does it matter if you no longer exist?  Who would care about that surviving “virtual” person?

NextLife™ believes that while the corporeal reality of a person may vanish, their thoughts and feelings on life choices remain in their Big Data trail. Teased out by sentiment analysis these can be made accessible to family, friends and relatives, easing life’s transition through conversations informing forward looking life choices,  
This approach was first suggested/disclosed by NextLife™ in a Provisional Patent 62/118,581 filed February 20, 2015, and then to Google in a January 2019 "AI Impact Challenge” submission.

In August 2019 a Washington Post article noted a similar approach by Google at Para 16, followed by an Economist article in December noting an “active interest” in “…life extension technologies” by Google founders Paige and Brin. A synthesized video of the Nextlife™ product can be viewed here