Tech Talent Initiative - Competency Mapping

In a continued effort to address the talent needs of NVTC members and the Greater Washington technology community, NVTC is partnering with the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) in support of their Higher Education Workforce Initiative (HEWI) in launching new opportunities for NVTC members to align business needs with higher education offerings to meet demand in emerging fields and address workforce misalignment. These opportunities included:

Developing Industry-Specific Competency Maps for Cybersecurity-Enabled Engineers and Data Science & Analytics-Enabled Engineers

These fields are developing and changing so rapidly that there is often a gap between the skills undergraduates develop in the classroom and the skills practitioners are using in the field.

To narrow this gap, NVTC convened subject matter experts from government, industry and higher education who work in cybersecurity, data science and analytics, and traditional engineering, to assist in reviewing and updating existing competency maps. The updated maps will ensure the next-generation of engineering undergraduates receive the education and skills needed to succeed in cybersecurity and data science work environments.

Internship Roundtable for Emerging Tech Fields

Tech employer and educational provider subject matter experts convened and brainstormed how to effectively develop early professional relationships with students that can give companies a competitive advantage in building a qualified emerging tech workforce.

Once complete, the updated competency maps will be linked here.

Please email NVTC to learn more about NVTC's partnership with BHEF or participate in future competency mapping sessions.

NOVA Workforce IT Career Ladder

NOVA Workforce has published an information technology "career ladder" that identifies the educational requirements, salary ranges, number of job openings and a brief description of the work tasks at each level for programming and software development, cybersecurity and networking, and data and data warehousing.

Access NOVA Workforce's Information Technology Career Ladder here.