Let's TalkTech with NVTC, Accenture & MIT

May 7, 2021

NVTC's new digital series, Let's TalkTech with NVTC, will explore tech's most notable trends, new innovations, digital transformations, lean agile principles and mindsets, the future of work and more. You’ll meet next gen leaders from NVTC member companies and learn about the great impact they are making in our region. The pandemic has caused severe disruptions in supply chains around the world. Accenture and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are co-developing a supply chain resilience stress test for assessing operational and financial risks created by major market disruptions, disasters or other catastrophic events. In this episode of Let’s TalkTech, Accenture’s Ken Merriam and MIT’s David Simchi-Levi discuss this new supply chain resilience stress test that will improve agility and help companies outmaneuver uncertainty.