Let's TalkTech with NVTC & CTA

Fact: The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way Americans work. 

• Discover how tech companies are adapting their strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent. 
• Learn what skills are in the greatest demand.
• Discuss how companies can reinvent themselves to thrive in the new ways of working.
On this episode of Let’s TalkTech with NVTC, we will feature special guest, Jackie Black, Director, Membership, Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Black will share insights from CTA's 5th Annual “Future of Work” report. CTA surveyed tech industry leaders on current and future workforce issues. The survey results show how companies are adapting to hybrid work and expanding not only their workforces, but also the ways they are finding and retaining talent to meet demands. The results continue to show that technology companies, both large and small, need more employees with technical skills. Q&A with Black will follow the discussion. 


Jackie Black, Director, Membership, Consumer Technology Association

American Systems
General Dynamics Information Technology

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