Global Technology Leadership COI Kick-off

Presented by the Global Technology Leadership Community of Interest

Global Technology Alliances in 2022; Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

NVTC is excited to announce that we are launching the Global Technology Leadership Community. The mission of the Global Technology Leadership Community is to channel the collective skills and insights of the NVTC community to drive thought leadership and practical business interaction around the multi-trillion-dollar global technology business sector and related topics of interest.  To do so, we aspire to maintain a dynamic, interactive community to expand awareness of business opportunities between northern Virginia entities and the global business ecosystem – all shaped around an inclusive environment that encourages and promotes participation from a diverse range of talent and members.

Join us for our Kick-Off Meeting where we will explore Global Technology Alliances in 2022 with guest speaker, David Sullivan, Managing Director of Alliance Development Group (ADG). David will leverage his 20+ years of leading global technology companies into successful China entry and growth strategies, to discuss the nuances of building effective and lasting global alliances.  Insights will range from partner selection to strategic impact, profitability and maintaining alignment of interests in highly dynamic, competitive environments.  Finally, David will share his thoughts on how current news media, social media and geo-political positioning can both hinder and shape opportunities for business growth.



David Sullivan, Managing Director of Alliance Development Group (ADG)

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11/18/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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