Mindfulness: Its Importance for Growth and Development

December 14, 2022
11am - 12pm


Event Overview:

Mindfulness enhances self-understanding, behavior modification, and emotional regulation to support stronger and healthier connections between brain activity and mindful behavior.

Why it matters

  • An understanding of mindful behavior improves individual psychological safety in both professional and social settings.
  • Psychological safety is essential in exercising strategies and best practices that demonstrate intentional, purposeful, and non-judgmental decision-making, instruction, and leadership.
  • Understanding the factors that drive decision-making can help guide one's decisions.

Learning Outcomes
1. You will be able to explain why a healthy mindset is essential to personal/professional development and organizational effectiveness and how it can be beneficial.
2. You will use Mindfulness to heighten awareness and demonstrate acceptance and commitment.
3. You will use cognitive reframing to challenge negative automatic thoughts, eliminating unconscious and implicit bias.

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12/14/2022 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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