Live Fire Cyber War in Finance: Defending the Bulwark

Presented by NVTC's Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee

Please note this is a virtual meeting using the Zoom platform.

Rachel Wilson will be leading an interactive discussion on how the risks and threats have changed and increased for Morgan Stanley and broadly for U.S. companies in general. Her conversation will incorporate the volume increase in attack traffic for our wealth management clients, and our institutional small and mid-size company relationships across the nation. She’ll share a renewed focus on automation and extending the perimeter of defense as a means of handling the 200% increase in number of attacks coming into financial institutions.  Wilson will provide a concrete call to action on the solution needed for the expanded landscape of protecting the work-from-home environment, and the steps that Morgan Stanley has taken. She’ll will also touch on offensive cyber actions, and her experience both positive and negative with those activities. Lastly, attendees should expect to learn more detail on the level IP theft current being engaged towards the biotech industry, academia, and the clinical trials and research ongoing with the Coronavirus.

This event is designed to be an interactive discussion, please look forward to engaging Rachel at a high and technical level as a means of learning and sharing the latest threats and defenses from the financial world.

Rachel Wilson, Managing Director Head of Cybersecurity for Wealth Management and Investment Management Technology, Morgan Stanley

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5/28/2020 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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