Meeting the Demand for Cybersecurity Talent

Presented by NVTC's Cybersecurity and Privacy Committee


According to a Brookings Institution’s study, in 2018 the US population growth reached an 80 year low. Further, according to Census Bureau reports, by 2034 number of older adults will outnumber children. It is also projected that by 2030 population growth through immigration will surpass growth through natural increase in the US population. Therefore, long-range planning for talent pipelines may ultimately involve investing in new approaches aimed at cultivating US-born early talent as well as attracting, developing, and retaining international talent. Creating registered apprenticeships in such high demand fields as cybersecurity will help regional employers address both the need for early identification and development of US-born talent and for attracting and retaining foreign-born talent through employment-based upskilling.

Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business (its BIT Department) is working with the US Department of Labor, the Virginia Department of Labor (Apprenticeship Office), ICF International, and regional employers to pilot a registered apprenticeship in cybersecurity management. Join NVTC's Cybersecurity and Privacy committee to learn how your company can become part of this strategic talent development solution for Northern Virginia.



Roberta S. Russell, Ph.D Chair of the Business Information Technology Department in the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech

Svetlana Filiatreau, Ph.D., Director of BIT-Cybersecurity and Analytics Program, Business Information Technology Department in the Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech


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