Creating a High-Performance Sales Culture

Presented by the NVTC Business Development, Marketing & Sales Community

  • Do you have "rainmaker challenges?" That is, do you have a handful of team members generating the majority of your revenue, which makes it difficult to scale the business?  
  • Does it sometimes feel as if you or your team are sending out proposals to prospects who aren't making decisions?
  • Due to the competitive nature of your industry, have you or your team ever felt pressured to cut prices to close deals?
  • Do some team members feel more comfortable delivering your product/service than they do in selling them?

If any of the above is relevant to your world, you should attend this community meeting. Here's the thing - selling isn’t easy. It is made more difficult due to the fact most traditional sales strategies fail to address the psychological and systematic nature that's inherent in the sales process. Serious selling requires a process, a solid system, and an understanding of human emotion and behavior. Make no mistake, buyers make determinations on who to work with based more on how you sell than on what you sell. During this interactive session, we will discuss the dysfunctional nature of the buyer/seller relationship and what we can do to sell more efficiently, profitably, and have a lot of fun in the process. Participants will learn the basics of the world-renowned Sandler Selling System, including strategies and tactics that can be applied immediately.


Nema Semnani, Founder and President of Precision Sales Consulting, a licensed Sandler Training Company

Nema Semnani is the founder and president of Precision Sales Consulting, which is a Sandler Training Company dedicated to helping individuals and companies drive revenue and profitability through scalable sales training, management training, coaching, and process development. Nema has spent his career driving sales, management, and process implementation for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, developing sales processes, sales training programs, building sales teams, and leading business development for innovative startups. Nema is an award-winning speaker, who specializes in the art and science of storytelling. Nema is a film nerd with an encyclopedic mental database of useless movie quotes and is a very amateur stand-up comedian, having performed at the world famous Caroline’s on Broadway. 

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11/18/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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