How Engagement Facilitates Human Connection w/ Higher Logic

Presented by the NVTC Business Development, Marketing & Sales Committee

Join the NVTC Business Development, Marketing & Sales Committee and learn why your organization needs an online community and engagement strategy. Growing your business is about more than just dollars and cents, it's about building connections with your customers, improving loyalty and retention, and driving organizational growth. Community helps to do all of this in one place. It is the engine that drives your business forward.

Something special happens when people engage. Conversations lead to action. You're bringing people together - sometimes from all over the world - to learn from and connect with one another and with your organization.

In this webinar, Kevin Boyce, CEO of Higher Logic, will share why community is mission critical for your organizations and how community engagement can facilitate the human connection that your customers crave. He will discuss the importance of connecting with your customers and share real success stories of how community enables organizations to build, retain, and grow in today's world.

Kevin Boyce, CEO, Higher Logic

Merritt Group

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4/14/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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