How to Run Frustration-Free Meetings, Virtually or In-Person

Please note this is a virtual meeting using the Zoom platform. 

Presented by the NVTC Business Development, Marketing & Sales Committee 

Meetings are necessary for business success but with the current pandemic, the reliance and challenges of meetings are on the rise. Even before the pandemic, research showed that 15% of organizational time is spent in meetings and 50% of that time is unproductive which results in significant loss of revenue for your business. This also highlights the fact the meeting mediocracy is widely accepted, and current tools and practices are not sufficiently addressing the meeting efficiency problem.

Our speaker, Mohid Farazi, Founder & CEO of Yaylo, Inc., will lead an interactive Zoom discussion on how to make meetings more productive and efficient. He’s a technologist with 15+ years of experience and has worked as a Technical Architect at Deloitte and Akamai. His passion for innovation got him involved in entrepreneurship and for last two years, he has been working on his startup, Yaylo, a comprehensive platform to make meetings more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to participate. He had a vision to make meetings better for everyone and has built a SaaS platform to do it.

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7/9/2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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