Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee

Winning the Talent War

While the region's unemployment rate has remained around 3% (considered nearly full employment by economists), companies struggle to hire talent and are concerned about how Amazon moving into the region will further affect workforce issues. This panel will discuss how companies, both emerging and established, can win the talent war by recruiting, attracting and retaining their best employees and how they determine and offer the benefits that employees want. In addition, the author of the book, "Second Wave Millenials" will add additional and specific insights into how generational differences influence programs that attract and retain these employees.

Mark Phillips
, Partner, Assurance Services, Aronson LLC

Kathy Albarado
, CEO, Helios HR
Christina Kennedy, Senior Manager, People Operations, Justworks
Carolyn Thompson, Managing Principal, Merito Group
Warren Wright, Founder and CEO, Second Wave Learning

Patron: Aronson LLC
Supporting: Thompson Greenspon
Program: Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
Location: Miles and Stockbridge

Miles and Stockbridge 1751 Pinnacle Dr #1500 Tysons Corner, VA 22102