Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Committee Meeting

What It Takes to Build a World-Class Data Center
We all know that Northern Virginia is a special place for data centers. According to 451 Research, "Northern Virginia is the largest multi-tenant datacenter (MTDC) market in the U.S. by operational square feet and has added more space in 2017 than any other U.S. market." What does it take to build all that data center capacity? Come to this meeting to hear from leaders in data center construction about how they turn architectural drawings into mission critical facilities - and are doing it faster, better and for lower costs than ever before.


Rob Hepler, Director IBX Operations, Equinix
Jeff Ivey, Data Center General Manager, COPT


Brian Brobst, Director Pre-Construction Services, Rosendin Electric
Paul Mella, President and CEO, Dynaletric Company
Donald Miller, Vice President, Holder Construction Company
Ross Rebraca, Vice President, Technology Sector, HITT Contracting
Louie Sarracino, Project Executive, DPR Construction
David Zorger, President and CEO, Project Solutions Group
Dominion 3072 Centreville Road Herndon, VA 20171