Leadership Tools for a Winning Culture & Marketing Strategy

Using Leadership Tools to Create a Winning Culture and Marketing Strategy for Your Business!
Marketing and Business Development are far more important in today's world than ever. There is so much competition, so many advances in technology almost daily, so much marketing and social media flooding the business world, that effective marketing and branding is necessary to make any business cut through the noise, stand out and get positive attention and interest.

It takes a winning culture and exceptional leadership to create marketing and business development strategies that work and produce excellent results. This presentation, led by Joseph Kerner, Founding Partner of KLH Growth Strategies, will provide powerful tools and methodologies to create the culture and leadership necessary to develop winning business development and marketing strategies.

Light Refreshments will be served!


Joseph Kerner, founding partner of KLH Growth Strategies, has over 30 years' experience starting and running multi-million-dollar businesses, and helps business owners, executives and professionals achieve their dreams and goals through business engineering.



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