HR and Benefits Committee Webinar

How Data Analysis Can Help You Maximize Recruiting and Retention

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization. Countless management consultants and leadership gurus have built careers on telling you how to recruit the best, build excellent teams, and turn your employees into advocates and raving fans. But with all the “expert” voices telling you how to hire, train and retain, who's listening to the actual workforce?

In this webinar, Jesse Manning of Synoptos will show you how to tap directly into the thoughts and feelings of potential, current, and former employees. Using data and analysis of public sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, companies can get a leg up in competitive markets by tailoring their recruiting efforts to address competitors' quantifiable weaknesses, all while promoting their strengths and addressing their own shortcomings. Social media outreach can spread your mission and message through a non-traditional marketing channel by activating social advocates among your own workforce, and simple awareness tools can work wonders for increasing workplace cohesiveness and focus on the corporate mission.

Forget the gurus, employee surveys, and leading questions - data is the key to maximizing recruiting and retention efforts, and this webinar will show you how to make use of what your employees have been telling you all along.


Jesse J. Manning, Vice President, Business Development, Synoptos

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