Digital Transformation Strategies in the FinTech Industry

Presented by the NVTC Digital Transformation Committee

Digital transformation remains one of the core industry trends in modern business. Join NVTC's Digital Transformation Committee for a discussion on how technology is unlocking greater value from financial services for clients. COVID-19 has supercharged digital development in the finance sector. The myriad of benefits, efficiency enhancements and cost savings made possible by reimagining how people, technology and processes interact was alluring and innovative, but, at that time, not wholly essential to ensuring business continuity. COVID-19 was the random economic test which no one anticipated. As social distancing, remote working and lock down rules became the norm, companies that had seen the writing on the wall and already adapted to the digital era were the early winners. Join us for a roundtable discussion with three local Fintech CIOs that are driving Digital Transformation strategies due to the impact of COVID on their businesses.

John Wyatt, CTA, Apple Federal Credit Union
Mike Kapfer, CIO, Northwest Federal Credit Union
Kaushal Shah, SVP of Engineering, SWIFT

Anna Frazzetto, CDTO, Tential


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12/15/2020 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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