Community Descriptions

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The Communities of Interest Leadership board consists of the chairs and co-chairs of the NVTC Communities of Interest. The board was formed to bring together the leaders of the 10 communities to collaborate and share best practices on how to lead and engage the communities. In addition, the leaders will explore opportunities for cross promotion and co-hosting events. The COI Leadership board meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

Chair: Vinay Nagpal, InterGlobix LLC, (703) 899-4183,

NVTC Staff Leader: Jennifer Taylor, (571) 421-7743,


The Cybersecurity & Privacy Community educates and provides best practices on all aspects of cybersecurity. Through monthly meetings with cybersecurity subject matter experts and NVTC members, the community is a valuable resource for cybersecurity professionals who aim to stay current on policies and developments in cybersecurity.

Chair: Gabriel Galvan, RevTek Solutions, (703) 727-6510,

NVTC Staff Leader: Tarin Horan, (703) 268-5141,


The Data Center and Cloud Community connects and collaborates in an effort to drive the growth and prosperity of our region’s data center and cloud industry and serves as a strong, collective voice to promote the interests and global leadership of the data center, cloud and digital infrastructure ecosystem in our region.

Chair: Vinay Nagpal, InterGlobix LLC, (703) 899-4183,

Co-Chair: Stan Blackwell, Dominion Energy, (804) 814-2889,

NVTC Board Leader: James Leach, (571) 383-8895,

NVTC Staff Leader: Steve Upton, (703) 344-6828,


The Digital Transformation Community offers educational, networking and private-public partnership opportunities, with a focus on applying, leveraging and promoting the region's wealth of expertise in all technologies that drive digital transformation. Digital transformation brings together several enabling technologies and platforms to modernize an operation’s operations, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), CRM, BPM and ITSM. Community members have the opportunity to network, learn, and share knowledge with industry peers.

Chair: Erika Flora, Beyond20, (602) 405-7441,

NVTC Staff Leader: Maureen Hardman, (703) 946-0321,


The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Community shares DE&I best practices and solutions, addresses business challenges, engages in transparent conversation, and develops strategies to create a diverse and inclusive tech community in our region. The DE&I Community serves its members as a facilitator for DE&I insight, awareness, guidelines, initiatives, and content. With the diverse backgrounds and experiences of NVTC's membership, NVTC has the ability to provide insight with a collegial approach to help create equitable opportunities and measures for the advancement of regional businesses.

Chair: JaJuan Smart, MakTub Limitless, LLC, (512) 607-4345,

Co-Chair: Dr. Marcellues Hall, MakTub Limitless,

NVTC Staff Leader: Maureen Hardman, (703) 946-0321,


The “Filling the Tech Talent Gap” Community is taking the leadership role to provide creative solutions to deliver the best and brightest tech talent for our region.   Northern Virginia is facing a critical talent skills gap in the region with more than 90,000 open tech jobs in the region.  The community promotes innovative ways to retain, upskill and recruit talent, including talent with security clearances.

Chair: Mike Batt, Fairfax County EDA, (571) 723-6233,

Co-Chair: Brent D’Agostino, AHT Insurance, (703) 501-7008,

Co-Chair:  Marisa Krafsig, IntelliDyne, (703) 593-0464,

NVTC Staff Leader: Gregg Hampton, (202) 906-9001,


The mission of the Global Technology Leadership Community is to channel the collective skills and insights of the NVTC community to drive thought leadership and practical business interaction around the multi-trillion-dollar global technology business sector and related topics of interest.  To do so, we aspire to maintain a dynamic, interactive community to expand awareness of business opportunities between northern Virginia entities and the global business ecosystem – all shaped around an inclusive environment that encourages and promotes participation from a diverse range of talent and members.

Chair: Eric Chadwick, Verizon, (571) 442-9536,

Co-Chair: John Gustavo Blair, FCEDA, (703) 790-0600,

NVTC Staff Leader: Jennifer Taylor, (571) 421-7743,


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