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About Us

The Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee supports and promotes emerging technology businesses focused on growth and entrepreneurs launching businesses by providing content-driven programs that address the challenges of establishing, growing and scaling businesses. The committee educates, promotes strategic alliances, addresses the concerns of these businesses and provides excellent networking opportunities.

Events on Government Contracting and Teaming
Allows small companies interested in government contracting to discuss partnering or subcontracting with large companies and meet with government agencies and their small business offices from the federal, state and local level about how to do business with them.

Capital Formation
Educates companies about friends and family funding, angel investing, early- and later-stage venture capital, private equity and strategic partnerships, as well as mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings.

Other Events
Gives aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners the opportunity to learn from experienced technology entrepreneurs and executives about how they have become successful, management issues, growth strategies, trends and hot topics.

Networking Series
Allows entrepreneurs to interact with their peers and others in the entrepreneurial community in a fun and informal atmosphere.
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