Board of Directors

Board Member
Matthew Calkins
Founder and CEO

Matt Calkins is a recognized expert and visionary in the digital transformation of work across IT and business. Based on his background in technology, economics and history, Calkins founded Appian in 1999 with the vision to create an organizational culture capable of delivering sustained value. For more than a decade, he drove the evolution of the Business Process Management software industry, being the first in the market to recognize the importance of cloud/Platform-as-a-Service (in 2007), the first to appreciate the impact of mobility (2010), and the first to solve the previously-intractable problem of data silos (2012).

More recently, Calkins identified the vital role of model-driven development as a response to the IT and business pressures of digital transformation. Appian's 2017 Initial Public Offering raised the curtain on the new era of Low-Code Application Development Platforms. Appian's offering, the first in the Low-Code vendor space, is recognized as the most successful technology IPO of the year.

As he says, "Great software is complicated. Appian's mission is to make it simple. When companies can write great software for themselves, they can define their own personality, move at the speed of their customers, and shape the meaning of their own brand. We're giving all companies a better way to write unique software; a way that is faster to build, easier to change, more mobile, more portable in the cloud, more integrated, and more secure."

In addition to his leadership of Appian, Calkins tries to use his position to effect positive change in the world. He is a Board member and significant donor for the Virginia Public Access Project where he works directly on policy, vision and strategy with the CEO. He is a strategist and advisor for the Sorenson Institute (as well as a graduate of the program). He is a board member of the Northern Virginia Technology Council's Board and Political Action Committee, helping to refine the organization's mission, assisting with allocation of contribution money and performing candidate reviews.

Calkins has a life-long love of board games. He creates them, and participates in global competitions, such as the World Boardgaming Championships where he regularly finishes within the top five contestants. The most recent game he created, called Sekigahara, won "Wargame of the Year" in 2012. Calkins donated all game proceeds to the Japanese tsunami relief.