NVTC Tech Talent Initiative

NVTC has launched an expanded effort to address the workforce challenges of NVTC members and the Greater Washington technology community. The NVTC Tech Talent Initiative aims to serve the needs of our members and the greater business community by exploring the current and future talent needs of the region's technology employers.

This initiative includes researching the most in-demand positions and skill sets of companies in the local technology community, mapping these skillset needs to academic and training opportunities, and communicating those needs to educators and potential employees. In addition, through the initiative, NVTC will expand connections between technology employers and the academic community and curate workforce development and assistance opportunities our member companies can leverage in their efforts to recruit, hire, retain and upskill their workforce.

Additional information on specific efforts within the NVTC Tech Talent Initiative is found below.

NVTC's current workforce related research and strategic activities include:
  • Implementing a full-scale implementation of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) methodology with the end goal of creating a business-driven self-sustaining model that addresses the regional technology workforce gaps, both in skills and capacity. The TPM implementation project will be considered successful if employers report a decrease in the cost of obtaining the "right" talent.
  • Publication of our Greater Washington Technology Workforce Needs Assessment report, which addresses the specific, future workforce needs of regional technology employers. This report focuses on the most in-demand functional areas and the skills needed to support occupations within those high-demand areas. These findings will be used to help guide Northern Virginia Community College's development of coursework tied to Virginia's pay-for-performance program, which provides reimbursement of up to two-thirds of the cost of training upon successful obtainment of a certification by the student and will be used to support NVTC's other Tech Talent Initiative activities. The report is available at www.nvtc.org/NeedsAssessment.
  • Partnering with the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) on their Higher Education Workforce Initiative (HEWI) implementation in Virginia. This project will align business needs with higher education offerings to meet demand in emerging fields and address workforce misalignment. Success will be measured by obtaining cybersecurity skill and capacity gap insight and additional goals include the establishment of premier undergrad programs at Virginia universities, development of well-defined career pathways and competency maps and an increase in the number and diversity of graduates with specialized cybersecurity competency.
We are also exploring several other opportunities to better connect area technology employers with our partners in the academic community and a pipeline of technology talent. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact John Shaw.