NVTC and mySBX Begin Dynamic Partnership

An online business network will streamline how Northern Virginia companies communicate

HERNDON, Va. May 5, 2009 - The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) announced today that The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC has entered into a partnership with mySBX, a network for government contractors and professionals to exchange opportunities, resources, and information to win more business, expand capabilities, and increase profitability.

"With this exciting partnership, we will redefine what online business networking is going to be in the next decade," said Kristin D'Amore, Director of The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC. "mySBX has allowed us to seize an opportunity in the burgeoning online business world by accessing their networking expertise. NVTC has proven itself as Northern Virginia's leader for in-person events and advocacy. Now we want to be the leader in connecting our vast membership online."

Interested web surfers can visit http://www.nvtc.org/tec/mysbx.php to be taken to a registration page where they may sign up for mySBX. From there, users will be able to interact with other mySBX members to share common experiences, learn best practices, and help one another in a unique way. Entrepreneurs and established business leaders will find features of these communities include an "Artifacts" section for hosting documents and training materials, a "Directories" section of constantly updated and ranked source for community key players, as well as sections for service and technology providers, government agencies, useful websites and company professional associations. In addition, government contractors will have the ability to connect with larger contractors for subcontracting and teaming opportunities.

"We're thrilled to be joining The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC in this unprecedented collaboration," said Jeff White, co-founder of mySBX. "Broadening our company base can only ensure that more businessmen and women will be able to find the tools they need to expand their businesses in a challenging economy."

About mySBX
mySBX.com is a first of its kind network for businesses and professionals to exchange opportunities, resources, and information to win more business, expand capabilities, and increase profitability.Visit www.mysbx.com

About The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC
The Entrepreneur Center @NVTC is a resource hub for technology-focused start-ups and entrepreneurs at every stage of their lifecycle. The Entrepreneur Center fosters entrepreneurship in students, mentors the first-time entrepreneur, advises and supports the experienced entrepreneur, and facilitates strategic business relationships in the technology community. Visit at http://tec.nvtc.org