Up Close & Personal with the NVTC Board of Directors

Up Close & Personal with:
Donna Morea

Chair, NVTC Board of Directors
President, CGI, U.S. and India

NVTC Member Since:

Favorite NVTC Memory:
Bill Gates Premier Titans Breakfast

Value of NVTC Membership Is:
Connecting with colleagues from across the region and exchanging ideas as well as information.

"Routine" Work Day Includes:
Usually starts with a wake-up call at a hotel. I spend a lot of time visiting clients, partners, and our numerous offices in the U.S. and India.

Three adjectives that best describe you:
Driven, creative and passionate about doing our absolute best for our clients.

What's your view of the current economy?
It is a challenging time for everyone. CGI offers "Solutions for Tough Times" which help our government and commercial clients quickly generate savings, incremental revenue and measurable business value.

How does CGI stay ahead of the game, in terms of tech innovation?
We listen to our clients and our people! Most of our great ideas come from the field.

If I wasn't working at CGI, I would be:
Working with my daughter on our olive oil import business and the Italian gourmet food store we are getting ready to open in Easton!

When I was a kid I dreamed of being:
A famous artist

Proudest Accomplishment (professional or otherwise):
Two fabulous kids and a 27-year marriage.

Suit, khakis or jeans:
None of the above

PC or Mac?

Blackberry or Treo?
Blackberry (although I am on my 5th new device!!)

Technology you CAN'T live without:
Blackberry and my GPS.

Technology you CAN live without:

Last book you read:
The Post-American World, by Fareed Zakaria.

Favorite Movie of All Time:
The Godfather

Top Vacation Destination:

Words of advice for any emerging entrepreneur:
Three things: 1) Accept that the path isn't predictable or well marked; 2) Be yourself — people want to be led by a real person, not a CEO from "Central Casting"; and 3) You can't do it alone — you need a strong team to achieve success.

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