Up Close & Personal with the NVTC Board of Directors

Up Close & Personal with:
John Mendonca

NVTC Board of Directors
Partner, KPMG

NVTC Member Since:
The beginning. KPMG is a founding member.

Favorite NVTC Memory:
So many. So many great speakers over the years. TechCelebration at the new Smithsonian Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Value of NVTC Membership Is:
The networking opportunities.

"Routine" Work Day Includes:
Checking e-mail, reading The Washington Post, and then leaving for office after rush hour traffic. Usually visit client locations at least twice a week. Leave for home usually 7-7:30 p.m. (I don't like traffic!!)

What's your view of the current economy?
Times are a bit scary right now. We need to avoid a panic and I think it will take a couple of years to turn around.

How does KPMG stay ahead of the game, in terms of tech innovation?
We are not a tech firm, but we use technology daily. We constantly introduce new applications to better enable us to serve our clients and are now in the process of introducing an internal instant messaging system to speed up communication.

If I wasn't working at KPMG, I would be:
In retail. My parents owned grocery stores in South Africa where I grew up.

When I was a kid I dreamed of being:
A soccer player. If only I had the talent!

Proudest Accomplishment (professional or otherwise):
Becoming a partner at KPMG after only having been in the USA for five years.

Three adjectives that best describe you:
Mellow, attentive, inquisitive.

Suit, khakis or jeans:

PC or Mac?

Blackberry or Treo?

Technology you CAN'T live without:
Internet, e-mail and DVR.

Technology you CAN live without:
Not sure.

Last book you read:
The Templar Legacy by Steve Barry.

Favorite Movie of All Time:
Dr. Zhivago

Top Vacation Destination:
Island of Madeira in the middle of the Atlantic (where I was born).

Words of advice for any emerging entrepreneur:
Hang in there. Stay focused on your customers. Funding will be tight so watch your spending.

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