Up Close & Personal with the NVTC Board of Directors

Up Close & Personal with:
Sudhakar Kesavan

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
ICF International

NVTC Member Since:

Favorite NVTC Memory:
Presenting ICF's Carbon neutral strategy at a Titans of Technology breakfast.

Value of NVTC Membership Is:
Staying connected with the vibrant Virginia technology community.

"Routine" Work Day Includes:
No day is routine.

What's your view of the current economy?
It's a good time to have your service mix largely focused on the public sector!

How does ICF stay ahead of the game, in terms of tech innovation?
Make sure we are close to our clients in all of our global market segments and pay attention to our younger employees.

If I wasn't working at ICF, I would be:
Watching cricket.

Proudest Accomplishment (professional or otherwise):
Successful buyout of ICF from Kaiser Engineers.

Three adjectives that best describe you:
Straightforward, blunt, hardworking

Suit, khakis or jeans:

PC or Mac?

Blackberry or Treo?

Technology you CAN'T live without:

Technology you CAN live without:

Last book you read:
The Post-American World

Favorite Movie of All Time:
Slumdog Millionaire

Top Vacation Destination:
St. Kitts, Caribbean

Words of advice for any emerging entrepreneur:
Don't let anyone talk you out of it.

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