Up Close & Personal with the NVTC Board of Directors

Up Close & Personal with:
John Backus

Chairman Emeritus, NVTC Board of Directors
Managing Partner, New Atlantic Ventures

NVTC Member Since:

Favorite NVTC Memory:
Receiving the NVTC Techtopia Map Plaque, recognizing my 2-year service as NVTC Board Chairman, at a Scott McNealy Titans breakfast on stage with me two then-young boys.

Value of NVTC Membership Is:
The NVTC Network of colleagues and friends.

"Routine" Work Day Includes:
1000+ words typed on my blackberry (several thousand read), 45 minutes on my cell phone, several meetings in the office, 125 +/- emails processed, a workout, a Board meeting, and doing something to give back to my community.

What's your view of the current economy?
Better here than elsewhere, but not as bad as the fear-mongers want you to believe. Not bad enough to warrant doubling our national debt!

How does New Atlantic Ventures stay ahead of the game, in terms of tech innovation?
We are always looking at cutting edge technology companies to invest in — so we not only hear about but also try out emerging technology products.

If I wasn't working at New Atlantic Ventures, I would be:
An entrepreneur or an angel investor.

When I was a kid I dreamed of:
Never growing up!

Proudest Accomplishment (professional or otherwise):
My good luck at being accepted to Stanford, my first career at Bain & Co., my second career as an entrepreneur with a Fast 50 Company that I took public, and my last career as a VC where I can share my life experiences with young entrepreneurs.

Three adjectives that best describe you:
Always-on, energetic, giving

Suit, khakis or jeans:

PC or Mac?

Blackberry or Treo?
Wrong question. Treo's days are gone. You mean Blackberry or iPhone! I'm a Blackberry + and iPod Touch.

Technology you CAN'T live without:

Technology you CAN live without:

Last book you read:
Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman ... (I didn't agree with the "Hot" part).

Favorite Movie of All Time:
It's a Wonderful Life

Top Vacation Destination:
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Words of advice for any emerging entrepreneur:
Follow your dreams — but don't quit your day job until you find your first customer!

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